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Osimhen Will Not Return Until February – Doctors

Napoli, Gattuso and Italian journalist might be seething at Osimhen’s carelessness that lead to him contracting Covid-19, but he very likely will not turn out for the Azzurris anytime before February and this is not down to the virus.

Osimhen’s shoulder injury has suffered a relapse with the 22-year-old still feeling pains in his arms.

Reliable Italian papers, Sky Italia, Corriere del Mezzogiorno and Il Mattino expect Osimhen to be back within 20-30 days.

On Monday, Napoli released a statement which said,

“The molecular nasal pharyngeal swab carried out this morning on the footballer Victor Osimhen gave a positive result for COVID-19.

“The player will repeat the test this week.”

This means that if he were to recover from the virus this week, he will still not be fit enough to feature this month, which means he will miss Napoli’s SuperCup showdown with Juventus.

Professor Raffaele Russo, an orthopedist and shoulder specialist, spoke of the seriousness of Osimhen’s injury to Radio Punto Nuovo,

“I read that Osimhen had a dislocation with neurological involvement. Statistically, a young person with this type of injury does not recover for 3 to 3½ months, after which rehabilitation must be done. Season over for Osimhen? I took as a reference what I read from the newspapers, Professor Canonico reported that it is not a simple dislocation, so I took the liberty of saying what I said.

“Referring to the experience I have, there was damage to the axillary nerve, so it will take 60-90 days for the nerve to recover and then there is rehabilitation. With a high-level sportsman who has a dislocation that affects only the bone level, surgical treatment could be done as an alternative. Statistically, after a first dislocation, there can be a return of this kind in 45-50% of cases. Years ago, Buffon, had a traumatic dislocation, was operated on and still plays. We should have some more precise information to understand the real extent of the problem. As a fan, I look to Osimhen like a godsend.“

Osimhen has been out since November 14, which marks 59 days today, implying that he should be out until the middle of February.


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