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Entertainment News in Kenya

1- confession – Kush Tracey reveals how desperate move almost crushed her music career .

Singer and Tv host kush Tracey has finally opened up about the pressure she has experienced from her fans to bow down to their high expectations on her as a pop singer .she said she regrets making some bad decisions and most of which were informed by her desperate move to please people.

2- Tv presenter Willis Raburu discloses he scored D+ in math .

Citizen Tv presenter Willis Raburu has revealed he scored D+ in math besides the subject being his hardest in primary school .
He also revealed that he was once suspended from high school for being in a relationship with his classmate and also reminiscied how his father once sent a Land Rover vehicle with two police officers to his high school after he was suspended .

3- Akothee unveils her retirement plans
Flamboyant singer Akothee has revealed her retirement plan , she took to social media on 5, August 2020 saying that she intends to retire once she clocks 45. This also means that the singer will will only be active in the entertainment industry for the next five years .

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