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Entertainment News in Botswana

– Koola Matthys and Girlfriend allegedly break up .
It would actually seem the young rapper romance has come to a brutal end and following the surface online picture of his ex girlfriend snuggled up with someone else .
The picture went viral after being posted by local Facebook tabloid page .
Vincent who happens to be a young rapper and and songwriter , who rose to fame initially as a child star presenter and sometimes referred to as the coolest kid in the block . He is known for his cool colorful hairstyle that’s meant to bring out the rap culture in him .

2- Twitter having a field day over prince kaybees Merc tweet .
Twitter having a field day over prince kaybees merc tweet , The ‘ gugulethu’ hit maker is once again the hot topic of discussion as he made a retweet at Anga Makubalo also known as Naakmusiq in a heated and steamy conversation over Mercedes Benz post .

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