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#Entertainment: Marvin Bangs The Australian Music Star

Forest Media TV interviewed Sierra Leone Australian-based sensational Afro-Pop and RnB Singer, Producer, Song Writer, Sound Engineer, and Music video Director Marvin Bangs On Monday 28th September 2020.

1- Tell us about yourself ,

He Said: Am a sound producer , a songwriter ,a video director and a sound engineer.

2- How did you get into music,

He Said: I started music when I was still a child , joined choir but wasn’t really taking it serious at that time.

3- what you rather be now , if not being an artist ,

He Said: Would rather be a banker , working in the bank and getting some Mula..laughs

4- what’s your inspiration.

He Said: Everything inspires me .

5-And wat inspired you to go into music?

He Said: like I said earlier , I love to sing but when I realized I had the passion for music , I had to try it out and after recording my first single , I knew that was what I wanted.

6-Whats your advice to those looking up to you

He Said: Be yourself , be determine, explore and most importantly look up to God .

7-About your single commotion that’s dropping on the 7th of October , what should we expect and is this particular song different from others ?

He Said: Commotion trust me it’s going to be lit , like it’s different from every other singles , this alone will blow our speakers up trust me .So guys keep your fingers crossed laughs

8-You a sound producer , a sound Enginneer , a video director and a song writer , how r you able to combine all these together ?

He Said: Honestly , it’s not been easy , there r times I will have to fix all of the sounds together and me recording at the same time ,but if you used to combining jobs , it shouldn’t be difficult to combine anything together as long as music is concerned .

9- So if you r to describe your kind of person in one simple word , what would that be ?

He Said: A Genius .

10- What other plans do you have for your music career .

He Said:  I have so many plans that I don’t wanna reveal for now also love to put y’all on suspense . So watch out for me .

He gave a shoutout to the management of forest tv and also did a freestyle too.

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