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Trump Supporter Seeks Refund After Sponsored Lawsuit To Overturn Biden’s Win Is Overruled

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks to reporters after he participated in a Thanksgiving video teleconference with members of the military forces at the White House in Washington, U.S., November 26, 2020. REUTERS/Erin Scott

By Izu Osuigwe

A Trump supporter, Fred Eshelman, is demanding the return of the $2.5m he shelled out to a group, True The Vote Inc, based in Houston, who were seeking to overturn Biden’s election.The group filed 4 suits but had to discontinue for lack of evidence!
But the donor is not having any of it and demanded for his full money.
The group insists they have done nothing wrong and had spent the money on the purpose it was meant for.
They asked the man to sue Joe Biden’s campaign, for nonchalantly refusing to furnish evidence of the fraud they committed.
As far as the group was concerned, they are victims like the man and the only guilty person therefore is Joe Biden who has refused to acknowledge he cheated in the 3rd of November election.

Thankfully, Trump raised the bar by demanding that Biden prove to him how he got 80M votes, before he would allow him entrance into the White House.
To be clear, there is no legal requirement for Biden to prove anything to Trump nor does Trump have the right to stop Biden from occupying the White House by 21st of January 2021, but what’s wrong in trying?
Moreover, Lara Trump says she was convinced of Trump’s victory by the size of his rallies, compared to Biden’s non rally! She has a point!
Trump had Boaters for trump, bikers for trump, farmers for Trump rallies, what did Joe have? Only scared folks who refused to rally for him because of Covid!
If people were ready to contract Covid and die for Trump, then he clearly won the election. According to his daughter-in-law, Lara.
Trump got 73 million votes! The highest votes ever for a losing president! Those votes of Trump have more quality than Biden’s votes.
Yes, those were votes by REAL Americans! Biden’s votes included votes by white snowflakes, illiterate blacks, terrorist Muslims and inebriated native Indians.
Can you imagine, how can the vote of native Indians in Reservations determine the course of an election?
It has never happened, at least since the first colonists landed in Jamestown in 1607!

Did you ever hear of the Indians deciding who becomes the sheriff of one horse towns, mayor or even governor?
Then all of a sudden, in 2020 they get to decide who won the electoral votes in Arizona, clear evidence of voter fraud.
That’s the killing argument of trump lawyers to the US Supreme Court.
Provided, his lead lawyer keeps a straight face, Haha my Lords, could you believe, haha, the Arizona electoral votes were determined by a bunch of Redskins, kid you not. They are not even Apaches or Sioux, but random Injun Joes by the street corners.

Whether this argument would convince the SCOTUS remains to be seen, but Rudy Giuliani thinks it’s the trump card. Pun unintended.
Some claims, Trump was a victim of Ohasherism, a syndrome defined by Rochas as a situation in Nigerian politics, where the entire community combines to cook for one man who had been serially cooking for them before.
It’s a given that whilst the community would be able to eat the food of the one man, no matter how tasteless, the man would be unable to eat the food the entire community cooked for him.

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