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#Entertainment: Hottest New Girl Act In Africa – Guchi

Forest Media TV interviewed Kaduna Born Sensational Hip-Hop/Rap Singer Ugochi Onuoha Popularly Known As Guchi, On Wednesday 30th September 2020.

1- let’s talk about your music career , how you got into music ,how it all started .

She Said: I started singing when I was little, I joined the choir , even in school too but I started music professionally in 2018.

2- Let’s talk about your song ADDICTED which I believe brought you to limelight , what was that song all about cos it was a jam for me , the beats and all .

She Said: Addicted is a song on its own , like one being addicted to someone .

3- your label which I believe is PG records entertainment, so how where you able to get that contract ?

She Said:  PG records entertainment, you know when God blesses you with set of people who loves, admire and cherish you , that’s PG records for you , they r my family and am so proud to be part of them .

4- Now , let’s talk about your single titled closer , which was produced by SIFU sounds I believe and also accompanied with a lovely visual, directed by visionary pictures … how were you able to make that a hit or was closer your first single ?

She Said: Closer wasn’t my first single , I had already had other singles but wasn’t a hit like a jam just like addicted . Also visionary pictures did a great job and I so much appreciate them .

5/ So far so good , how many awards have you received ?

She Said: So far so good , I have just one award and that’s my first award .

6- So if you r to describe your kind of person in one simple word , what would that be ?

She Said: Amazing

7- Every one knows brodashaggi to be a clown , like a very big clown , I watched your video of Addicted , trust me you got the voice girlllll , and I know you going places trust me , but anytime I watch that I keep asking myself , how were you able to get shaggy to do that , I mean the whole video process and all ??

She Said:  smiles ,shaggi of cos is known to crack jokes and make people laugh that’s his job , but meeting him in person , like one on one , he’s a cool guy that’s always put his efforts and also contributes in any little way he can, so that’s it

8- Let’s talk bout your EP , iamguchiEP , it’s going to b out on the 2nd of October , wat should we expect ? Your fans especially.

She Said: yes , my Ep is going to be wild , I have just 4 hot songs and bangers there , so want y’all to watch out . It’s going to be out 2nd of October which is just 2days from now . So fingers crossed .

She did a freestyle and also a shout out to forest tv for having her .

Thanks guchi for finding time out of no time to have this interview with us , and also we the managements of forest media appreciate you and wish you more in your endeavors. We love you guchi , keep giving us that voice girl , never relent at all , sure there will be challenges but as long as you keep your head high and focused girl , you gonna go places ..

Ok guys , that was guchi there , our super talented , beautiful artist …

We have come to the end of today’s show , celebrity spotlight here on the African lounge , do not forget to follow us on our social media handles Instagram ,Facebook and Twitter at the African lounge .
Till I come again next week guys , do have a splendid day .

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